Soccer Golf

Now at Garryduff Sports Centre..... it's Soccer Golf!

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New to Garryduff – Soccer Golf

imagefdSoccer Golf - Starting June 2015 
Kick your way around the course to sink the football in one of the supersize holes in the fewest number of kicks!
Groups and Birthday Parties are welcome. €6 - Adults and €5 for Children.
Family rate available.

For enquiries icon_phone_small (021) 489 1978


Soccergolf is a mixture of golf and Soccer.
You play golf... only you use your feet and a soccerball!
It is the aim to sink the ball with as few shots as possible into the supersized holes!
Every touch of the ball is counted as a shot.
It may be played as stroke play, in which the individual with the lowest number of Kicks is declared the winner, or as match play with the winner determined by whichever individual or team posts the lower score on the most holes during a complete round.